On inspiration…

No Picasso it’s not nice to steal other’s ideas. Although we do, don’t we? I would say intention matters…but writers steal overheard conversations, details of other’s lives and make it their own. I suppose it’s processed through their own filter, at least that’s how I interpret it. Being an artist also gives you a super cool license to do whatever the fuck you want, at least until you want to start making money. “Inspiration does exists, but it must find you working” says Picasso. I say “inspiration exists but it must find you prepared” Maybe there is no such thing as owning an idea except in a legal sense. I recently submitted pitches for a satire website and afterwards I scrolled their web page and found two similar headlines that they probably thought I tried to mirror. Unless I had seen it and subconsciously mimicked,  it wasn’t intentional. Although the articles were vastly different, the headlines and subject matter were similar. Let’s hope the other  pitches I sent are unique enough from anything they’ve published. In this case intention doesn’t matter….

The real work of the artist is not the creating, but the polishing. This is what separates the amateurs and the heavy weights. When you are coming down from the exhilarating high of inspiration, there waits for you a diamond in the rough. The honeymoon is over. You want to believe your baby is perfect. You swaddle and coddle the fuck out of it, but that doesn’t change a thing. Sometimes you just have to put the idea baby down for a while and come back to it later. You want others to see what you see, to fill in the gaps and turn your head inside out so people see the world you have created. Or if you’re like me you become a ‘cat lady of ideas’ , taking in every stray idea and soon my head is filled, unorganized. I can’t seem to give any one idea the love it deserves, so they all kind of suffer, they fail to thrive. To be successful you don’t need many ideas, you need to be disciplined and dedicate yourself to at least the ideas that can work together on a project. Who said “the application of knowledge is wisdom”? I have the knowledge but not the discipline. After the honeymoon it becomes work. I suppose I’m just in it for the cheap thrill, being seduced over and over again by the siren song of inspiration. Not all of us are meant to be authors, some simply writers.


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