We go to church at Easter so we can experience an existential crisis as a family (Satire)

It’s that special time of year when we get to be morbid and confusing and think about the death and resurrection of the Easter bunny. Kids now a days are sheltered and don’t think about their mortality enough. So let’s pile in the car in our best impression of a normal family and put in our face time at the local rabbit hole. As we sit there I wonder, only 14 stations of the cross? I feel it could be drawn out a bit more. But still it’s pretty impressive they fit it all into an hour. Easter is also my favourite religious holiday to contemplate my awaiting eternal damnation. Christmas, AKA Santa’s birthday, comes in a close second. Is it getting hot in here? Why is everyone wearing their coats? Good Friday being a statutory holiday, means we can start our weekend binge drinking a day early, that’s whats good about it. So as you line the pews to save your soul and fulfill social obligation in a little over an hour, remember, a family that’s afraid together, stays together. family-kids-happy-people-46252


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