moving on from number 1

Story one is on the back burner as I await some very needed input. How amazing it is i have started another one, inspired by a dream. And as i am surprised I’m not that this story is a totally different style as when i paint every painting seems to be in another style like i have no distinct voice. And I’m surprised there is more to be drawn from the well. But i feel a little uninspired in a way, not so passionate about this story. Seems it carries the same surprises for me, the writer, which i love, and seems as it unfolds it is either has been written in the stars or i plain jacked the idea from someone. Can a writer or artist be like that? Can a voice waver and move in and out as it pleases. Usually artists have a certain style so you can see a painting or read a story and you hear their voice. Silly question i know. Of course i can be any way. I had a dream once maybe over fifteen years ago that has stayed with me. An artist was selling his paintings on the street at some neighbourhood garage sale, perhaps inspired by the annual Glebe garage sale that happen every year in Ottawa, does it still happen, i don’t know. It was a long time ago i lived there. i stopped to talk to him, though i didn’t buy any, even in dreams artists are poor buggers. Kindly he gave me advice. Said that i needed to choose something. He had chosen lions. He painted lions, in all various ways. But his subject matter stayed the same. So maybe that’s a way to be. Have the style transient but the subject or genre fixed. But i feel very eclectic as a person. I like freedom to move wherever the brush or pen takes me.


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